ii-Radio Jobs Board

Welcome to BatalP-ii-Social Media marketing radio station. The first independent internet radio station with a focus on exactly what it says, social media marketing. Our ii-Radio top jobs audio segment is designed to connect prospective employers with qualified candidates fill any and all opening globally

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the Blac & Bleu Listing, the official business listing of our official production magazine The Blac & Bleu Book. Our goal as a production magazine is to connect the average everyday consumer with you. If you are a current job seeker feel free to use our employment aggregator web page and consider attending our quarterly virtual hiring event. If you are in need of Résumés writing services.

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Business Networking

Make that connection. We are in the business of connecting consumers with business owners in their local community. As a production company we utilize a variety of media sources to achieve that goal including radio, literature, new media, Television, audio and video. As a consumer and prospective subscriber the Blac & Bleu Book we plan on making you aware of the opportunites.

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Recruitment Services

Contact us for all your recruitment needs. We will provide the data necessary to identify target market populations; select and use appropriate supporting resources, conduct interviews on our business networking platform, perform required background checks counsels rejected applicants, analyzes recruitment results and formulate plans for improved recruiting techniques, marketing and processing.

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