Non Traditional Résumé

Here at Batal productions we are always looking for cost effective innovative ways to connect the average everyday consumer with prospective employers from within their community especially in the event they are hiring.

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A résumé is a document used by an individual whom is seeking employment or a higher position within a company. It is a presentation of their backgrounds and skills. The word résumé comes from the French word résumé meaning "summary.

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Employers & Recruiters

As an Employer or Recruiter we understand that finding the right can be timely investment with deadlines. We also understand that the first step in the client acquisition process starts with awareness. Schedule you next Job Post with and feature.

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Stay Connected

Create your user profile and start connecting with prospective employees right on our business network BatalP ii-social. You will have the ability to create, update your business profile and list your job post at no cost. Use our live features for batch interviewing.

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