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D.J. El’C.M. is the current radio personality of our social media marketing radio station Zakir Zakat. Our radio station, which is open to all local communities internationally, begin our journey by starting to build that trust between the average everyday consumer and business owners from within your local community and by encouraging engagement, right on our business network, include I social. Zakir Zakat radio is a faith based community group organizational radio station designed to connect the average everyday consumer with business owners from within their community. Our radio station is currently in the process of operating under LPFM licensing. The FCC has a special class of radio licenses called Low Power FM Radio designed to create opportunities for more voices to be heard. The LPFM stations are licensed to operate with 100-watts, which allow us to reach an area with a radius of approximately three and one-half miles. We currently qualify for an LPFM licensing under the following conditions: We currently qualify for an LPFM licensing under the following conditions:

  • A non-profit educational institution, like a public or private school or state or private university
  • A non-profit organization, association or entity with an educational purpose.

As a Radio announcer or disc jockeys (DJs), I have the ability to read from scripts, or complete ad-libs. I am also highly interested in producing on-air interviewing, taking/responding to listener requests, running our writing contests and making remarks about various subjects like the entertainment news, International news, sports, and other news.

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