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As a successful business owner or aspiring Entrepreneur, we’ve all come to the conclusion that a consistency in clientele is the life blood of not only our business, but almost every business model available to mankind. As with everything else, you have to trust the process which requires a combination of prospecting and branding. In a nutshell, consumer awareness overall. As business owners, at times we should think more consumer like. Afterall, we aren’t born business owners. We all need services and we all consume products at times. As a business owner thinking like a consumer, my unwillingness to buy may have nothing at all to do with anyone’s product or service. Their may be a variety of factor affecting my decision to buy that may not revolve around slight misunderstandings, feelings of indifference, skepticism or product drawbacks. Below are a few factors that may affect my decision to spend as a whole.

  • Inflation – Price increase
  • Efficiencies – Lack of staff
  • Off price – Forced to sell at a discount due to lack of consumer demand
  • Shrinkflation – A consumer pays the same price for a reduced amount in a product

Welcome to the the Include i social global marketing conference designed to bring together a variety of industry professionals to learn more about connecting with the average everyday consumer through branding and employment. In order to attend and complete the registration process along with having your expected attendance reserved, you must be an annual subscriber on our business network.

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