Open House Wednesday Online

As an Employer, finding and attracting the right candidates, engaging qualified candidates, hiring quickly, using data-driven recruitment software strategies and techniques along with building a strong employer brand, ensuring a good candidate experience, recruiting fairly and creating an efficient recruiting process just shows how dedicated you are towards setting the standards for your organizational hiring process. Welcome to BatalP ii-social open house Wednesday. Our open house Wednesday event is designed to promote the services we offer while enhancing your user experience at no cost. During event times, our business network will accommodate both prospective employers and the job seeker. As an employer, your business networking account will be upgraded to our weekly post premium account offer which will provide the tools needed for you to successfully attract a new prospect, interview your current prospects and last but  not least, integrate our business network into your organizational applicant tracking system. as an employer, along with your weekly job post being featured in our production magazine online only, your premium account tatus comes with the following features:

  • Featured member – your personal profile will be promoted within our business network
  • Profile visits – you will be notified of personal profile visits
  • Verified check sign on account for the week
  • Audio/video calling
  • Go live

and much much more…….

Get verified on our business network

To complete your event registration once payment is received, you will be redirected to our business networking platform to finalize your booking. Here is where you will update your account profile pic, cover photo, tell us a little about yourself and list your work history chronologically or starting with your current position. This will give other user profiles not only an idea of who you are with regards to your position within the company, but also represent who you are professionally. If applicable, you may also create your business profile. This will just be a representation of the organization you own and/or represent. This page is very important because it is very interactive and should maintain a professional appearance and theme. It also has the ability to be boosted or promoted within our newsfeed. Once again, update your company profile pic or logo All open house Wednesday attendees will receive a verified subscriber account upgrade from Event start times until the event actually ends on Sunday on or around ten pm PST.

P.S. Don’t forget to register your account on our business network and state that you are interested or attending so that our staff  can verify your premium account status.

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