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Welcome to The Blac & Bleu Jobs board the official classified listing of our production magazine, The Blac & Bleu Book. The main purpose of our jobs board is to connect the average everyday consumer with business owners from within their local community through employment and trade globally.

Employers may use to advertise vacancies & employment opportunities within their respective category. Job Seekers may use our jobs board as a resource to gain suitable employment and feature their résumé digitally on a quarterly basis. The average everyday consumer can also use our jobs board to list buy, sell, trade and let go .



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Welcome to the the Include i social global marketing conference designed to bring together a variety of industry professionals to learn more about connecting with the average everyday consumer through branding and employment.

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To register for our event as an Employer simply create your account, update your profile pic, cover photo, bio and work history. Next visit our events page via our business network and simply state that you are going only if you’ve already upgraded your account to premium status. Annual subscription for employers & quarterly subscription for jobseekers. All annual subscribers will be listed and featured in our monthly newsletter and quarterly production magazine annually alongside business networking benefits while all jobseeker….

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